Designing a challenging inflatable attraction

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Diseño hinchable leon Diseño hinchable leon

Designing a challenging inflatable attraction

Today we get a number of proposals and ideas of our clients to make new designs inflatable leisure. We like challenges, that is why we study all proposals and value if the project is viable or not.
Once evaluated the feasibility of the project we get down to business.
First step, we shape our inflatable, thanks to our knowledge of 3D programming and started with the right tools to model our design.
We created several sketches in 3D and multiple views to determine the final design. Next, after a meeting with the designer and manager of apparel and paint decides the final details to make it easier to manufacture and finalize the details.
We create the molds to make the patterns of each piece bearing the inflatable, all numbered and clearly identified. Once we presented the patterns to cut the material carefully so that everything runs smoothly. For carrying drawings painted with a special paint detail.
There comes a time in the making, no doubt one of the most delicate moments, our staff are professional manufacture with many years of experience, certainly a guarantee.
And here is an example of a model made ​​and pleasing Avian several customers asked us a model like this. If you want to suggest some model please mention that you would like inflatable fabricáramos as. Now you think you ...

Last modified on Friday, 09 November 2012 15:50

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