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Bouncy Castles videos


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Store Presentation bouncy castles for sale online

Shop online for bouncy castles and inflatable slides from our store you can buy direct our products in stock for immediate delivery or reserve swellable production. Our inflatables are available for sale worldwide.

Inflatable movie screens - Inflatable Screens

Inflatable screens, manufacturer, various shapes and sizes, demonstration of mounting.

Assembly and disassembly bouncy castles

Video on how to insert and remove the bouncy castles, inflation and deflation.

Bouncy castles for sale and rent inflatable attractions

Barcelona tents per group I do not ... Shapes and designs and manufactures inflatable castles for amusement companies and organizations. We have highly qualified engineers and designers getting spectacular results when presenting our products.

Inflatable Tent demo

Inflatable tent assembly demonstration model 5x5 4 legged spider, easy assembly, great visual impact, ideal for quick assembly events.


Inflatable dolls, sky dancers, sleeves, Sky Dancers

Without doubt one of the most popular promotional inflatables for our customers.

The sky dancers or dolls dancers have a great effect to draw attention to ordinary users.

Their striking forms and motion effects make a product easy to install and move, with an efficiency more than satisfactory for advertising claims.



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