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Inflatable obstacles. In this category we have several designs of inflatable obstacles, prices, sizes and a very complete file of all our data structures can valuing bouncing, or commenting on our social networks. You can purchase directly from the Web by the shopping cart from the store or ask specific information of the product. Ideal for sporting events or competition are undoubtedly perfect for this activity.
Inflatable Obstacle extremo

Inflatable Obstacle extremo

4 580 €

Inflatable Obstacle sporting event is perfect for adventure Arrero it comes to ... Dimensions: 12m long x 3m wide x 4m high turbine Nº2.

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Slide Inflatable double circuit

Slide Inflatable double circuit

5 400 €

Inflatable slides. This inflatable slide for children 6 to 12, set in a racetrack, we highlight its bright colors with bows and obstacles.

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Slide inflatable laberinto

Slide inflatable laberinto

5 100 €

Inflatable obstacles. Super fun and competitive, a large inflatable racing for big challenges ... Dimensions: 7m long x 6m wide x 6m high turbine Nº2.

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Slide Inflatable obstacles-cars

Slide Inflatable obstacles-cars

7 200 €

This attractive inflatable belongs to the family of the slides but has a bit of everything, big slide, obstacle course around the perimeter, some fun tunes and drop zone.

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