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Inflatable sports. In this section you can view various designs of inflatable sporting measures, prices and specifications. Very common for party planning events for their competitiveness for the children. When buying an inflatable with these features always think younger children and buy some inflatable attraction to also participate in their events. Companies in incentives is a good solution. The reasons for his success are so striking as to measures referred to and the diversity of shapes and colors used. Great for children's events and parties, a major attraction for children infant. More and more local parks and children's entertainment that use the resource of sports and inflatable attraction. Our inflatable sport games are indoor and outdoor, with a variety of colors we can choose the designs that we like. The inflatable sports are becoming more thematic as well as the ride a few years ago was the most common form, now you can find themed inflatables in various subjects. Inflatable structures are equipped with safety nets, anchors to ensure stability. Our materials are in accordance with the regulations m2 fireproof canvas, painted on two sides of this form with just a damp cloth and a little soap making no effort to leave the dirt after use their inflatable sports, and were ready to be used as new again, CE-certified engines.
Inflatable aquatic areas

Inflatable aquatic areas

540 €

Aquatic inflatable human sphere decoration pool or events ... Size: 2m diameter. Turbine Nº1.

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Inflatable human foosball

Inflatable human foosball

5 800 €

As a real human table football but they were giant, the operation is the same. Highlights inflatable structure and reinforced steel bars ... Dimensions: 8mm long x 6m wide x 2.20 m high turbine Nº1.

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Inflatable gladiators

Inflatable gladiators

3 900 €

Inflatable competition and struggle, it is 2 opponents climb the pillar and have to tear down the other ... Size: 6m long x 7m wide x 1.60 m high turbine Nº1.

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