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Are manufacturers?

Yes, we have over 10 years manufacturing inflatables and entertainment advertising.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, such is the confidence we have in this line, we give 1 year warranty as well as for domestic products. To ensure the good condition of the product after the inflatables come to our factory, are reviewed thoroughly to ensure their good condition.

Can you send me the catalogs by mail ?

our catalogs can be downloaded online and print and / or save them to your PC at any time.

few characters I've cracked the inflatable repaired am I you?

Yes, being manufacturers, you have all our support and support. If the damage is due to a manufacturing defect, the warranty cover repair at no extra cost to you. However, if the damage is outside the production will be charged for the repair and sizes.

My company is out of Spain and want to purchase an inflatable, is it possible?

Yes, we sell in Spain and outside Spain. We have many customers who buy from other countries and are delighted.

How soon serve an inflatable catalog ?

If not in stock or in anticipation of arrival, it will take 45 to 65 days from the time of booking.

What is the payment method ?

If you buy an inflatable is in stock, you pay 100% before leaving factory. If you order a catalog inflatable that is not in stock, meaning you must wait 65 days, or has chosen to reserve some of those about to arrive, you pay 50% to the reserve and rest before leaving the factory . Payments are made by bank transfer: the account number and the formal request for reservation or budget they will get our business.

How does the stock section and forecasting arrivals ?

is a useful page to make your predictions, you can check at any time the status of the stock we have to make a quick purchase or look at the forecast of arrivals.

What is the expected arrivals ?

information that we provide our clients view on the inflatables that come to our factory to have them in stock. You can benefit from knowing the time of delivery of the inflatables that are coming. Ex Want a catalog to slide within 25 days, but it takes 65 days. You look in the section of stock and forecast arrivals and checks that arrive in 25 days 7 models. So if anyone likes it when booking and send it arrives. What will the date you need it. Think of overnight the inflatable intending to book you may be book before another customer. So, if you buy insurance, do not hesitate and do it today.

Can vary models and dimensions of the inflatable catalog ?

depends on which model it is possible. Consult with our professionals.

I can see some inflatable before buying ?

Yes, if no stock you can come see it with no obligation.

The price includes motor to inflate the inflatable ?

includes motor, carrying and protection and easy instructions.

What do your customers for their products?

Our customers confirm a high degree of satisfaction from the quality of our products. Our commitment is to offer our customers a product with the same qualities and guarantees the Spanish market, but less than half the price. Our long experience in making inflatable supports us.

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sure to make a good buy when it comes to choosing a company selling inflatables. Our inflatables are manufactured with flame retardant PVC canvas of 620 M2 g per square meter, double stitched with reinforced stitching, and certificate available to the canvas and the engine. We advise you to ask for these features when buying inflatable safety and warranty. With our products will prevent unwanted surprises. And remember to work with professionals guarantee results ...


For more questions can post your questions in our forum inflatable

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