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Inflatable advertising special large format design, logos inflatable

Inflatable advertising special large format design, logos inflatable 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 votes.



Starting from a base design from our customers we capture the fingerprint image while respecting the design and colors "Pantone" outlining how 2D inflatable. In this way is the logo or design or scale which requires measures like the sketch but with measures a large scale.

Our materials are fireproof technical articles and certification M-2 used specifically for the installation of playgrounds, our aim is to manufacture a product with the highest levels of strength, quality and safety for our customers.

Inflatable advertising through special forms is now widespread appeal because the inflatable advertising can attract attention with huge forms or replicas of products that offer a vision of the brand from many angles and from far away, almost any shape imaginable can be achieved.

Since a sketch or an idea can start working on the design of the inflatable. Shaping and taking into account the stability and transport.
The steps would be, to grasp the idea of our client, a sketch design to present your company and get an idea of ​​how to stay, colors, details and of course it is intended, advertising, children's attraction, covers, tents . And finally produce it in detail.

The inflatable comes with a carry bag easy and protection as well as a repair kit.

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