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The following shows the inflatable in the manufacturing process.

Inflatables in production. This section of bouncy castles in production, we can see that inflatables and slides are being made and on what date will be available. In this way we can book for 50% of the amount and when manufactured in the payment date we finish. This means we deliver a short period of time comparing it to normal manufacturing. Also to make two payments deferred internal jestión better.
Slide inflatable elephant

Slide inflatable elephant

4 400 €

Inflatable slides. Emphasize its front with the head of an elephant very nice welcoming with its trunk ... Dimensions: 7m long x 4.5 m wide x 6m high. Turbine Nº2.

Product Details...

Inflatable slide ludoteca

Inflatable slide ludoteca

4 500 €

Inflatable slides set in the circus, very complete with several play areas. Emphasize his drawings of clowns ... Size: 6m long x 5m wide x 4m high. Turbine Nº2.

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Slide inflatable laberinto

Slide inflatable laberinto

5 100 €

Inflatable obstacles. Super fun and competitive, a large inflatable racing for big challenges ... Dimensions: 7m long x 6m wide x 6m high turbine Nº2.

Product Details...

Slide Inflatable obstacles-cars

Slide Inflatable obstacles-cars

7 200 €

This attractive inflatable belongs to the family of the slides but has a bit of everything, big slide, obstacle course around the perimeter, some fun tunes and drop zone.

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