Helium inflatable advertising balloons, advertising balloons, balloons

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Helium inflatable advertising balloons, advertising balloons, balloons

Helium inflatable advertising balloons, advertising balloons, balloons 4.0 out of 5 based on 14 votes.


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The spheres are a promotional inflatables used mostly in large and small businesses.


Certain areas are used to draw attention from great heights. It uses the inflated with helium. This allows the visibility of its brand from great distances and from all angles.
The work material is PVC, light structure to fly well.

If you add light, is a perfect call at night.

The inflatable spheres can be reused for different promotions using vinyl instead of paint. It is simply to remove the vinyl last promotion and place the following as the form itself is quite durable. This allows small businesses to invest in advertising for a large depreciation and good results.

Our areas include:
Body of 3m diameter pvc
Harness and 40 m mooring rope
1.5 m hose for inflating
Installation instructions and repair kit in case of puncture
Lighting Kit (optional)
Stand adapter with 40 m cable
Osram 300w bulb.

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