Custom silkscreen printed advertising balloons

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Custom silkscreen printed advertising balloons

Custom silkscreen printed advertising balloons 4.5 out of 5 based on 13 votes.

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Custom printed balloons helium latex

Aimed at promoting your company or brand (logo). To get the best representation of their products and services, choose the custom printed advertising balloons.
We have the latest technology machines and adequate qualified personnel to perform major productions in record time.

You can choose from our catalog various colors, various measures to meet their needs.

Standard latex balloons

This type of balloon is for all uses, available in different sizes.
Multi-colored balloons.

It is the standard used for advertising by placing your brand has the potential to make it known to a wide range of audiences.

In the world of advertising every day there are more in demand by media companies, this is where we play an important role as we provide a lot of inflatable balloons printed with silkscreen cover countless acts and events.
Combined with some more action is ideal for marketing promotions.

Accessories for balloons:

Electric balloon inflator.

Colored ribbons to balloons.

Mounting rods balloons.

Tape cut end easy.

A printing ink
25cm. diameter
32 cm. diameter
30 cm. diameter
1000 - 2.000 uni.
0,102 €/uni.
0,115 €/uni.
0,143 €/uni.
+ - 6.000 uni.
0,094 €/uni.
0,102 €/uni.
0,123 €/uni.
+ - 10.000 uni.
0,079 €/uni.
0,094 €/uni.
0,115 €/uni.
+ - 25.000 uni.
0,074 €/uni.
0,087 €/uni.
0,109 €/uni.
For other quantities see our professionals
45,00 €/uni.
with ink and / or print side
increase 0,020 €/uni.
increase 0,020 €/uni.


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Printed advertising balloons

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