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We release new video channel inflatable

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 09:02 Published in INFLATABLE STRUCTURES BLOG

We release new video channel inflatable

Now available our professional interactive video channel to see plenty of work done.
What you can find on our channel?
Videos of inflatable products sample per item.
Demonstration of assembly and disassembly of various products such as professional support.
Informational videos.
Comments of the major social networks associated with our videos.
We will be incorporating videos of several products in the next few days so you can see and find out about everything we do, how we do it and the end result.
For us it is important to offer all content in different formats to make it easy to buy our products. In our view it is interesting to have the highest possible tools to deliver quality content and high performance.
Throughout our careers we have incorporated several professional tools to help our customers understand more and more about how our company and our products. As is our nature, we will continue working hard to continue adding new improvements to our website that we hope you enjoy it.
You can see our channel on:
Video channel inflatable

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