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The gross motor development in children and inflatable

What is the motor?
We may describe as set motor nerve and muscle functions that allow movement and locomotion of people.

This range of motion can be divided into two types:
-Fine mobility.
-The gross motor.
Fine motor refers to coordinated movements between hands and eyes.
Gross mobility, however, has to do with the ability to move the body as a whole, adapting to changes in position and maintaining balance.
If no sensory or physical problems that prevent it, children acquire the basic skills of the motor in relation to the environment. However, parents can help develop our children's motor just playing with them and giving them the chance to move.
A good opportunity to promote this stimulus is taking advantage of the attraction is fun for a child in a bouncy castle. Crawling, jumping, falling and incorporated namely, etc., Are some of the skills practiced in a fun child in a bouncy castle, unaware that while working muscle tone and balance skills to help have good posture, necessary for good motor development.

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