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Bouncy castles, does a gold mine?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 08:47 Published in INFLATABLE STRUCTURES BLOG


Bouncy castles, does a gold mine?

One of the many questions that people get when thinking about starting your own business or earn extra income, is what is the sector that offers the best opportunity. The truth is that with so many different opportunities, find one that is relatively easy, inexpensive and truly worthwhile can be a difficult task. However, one area in which all this and more can be found and offers a potential gold mine in the business are the inflatable castles
Think about this: when you're walking down the street one day or stroll along the entire beach, and when you look, almost sure children's party organized for whatever reason that one of the things you've seen is always a bouncy castle full kids having fun jumping and bouncing on it. And it is not only public places, the reality is that bouncy castles are becoming increasingly popular for private parties within particular precincts.

How do I start?

Depending on if you're looking for a part-time business or a hobby, that will determine whether deciding on the rental or sale of bouncy castles. The good news is that both options are relatively inexpensive, but if you're planning to be in this for a space of time it is clear that it makes more sense to purchase your own castles rather than the rental option.
With prices can be very affordable, especially if you decide to buy second hand castles, you can see why a small company dedicated to the bouncy castle can be a good source of income. If you consider that these castles are now in high demand and if you know let you know the right way, the investment will be recovered in a few days, but if you want to try before you buy your castle can rent a couple of them and get to available to people in your area.

Get noticed

Everyone loves moonwalks. Kids will love it for the sheer fun offered, and parents appreciate the fact you are going to keep your kids entertained for a relatively small cost. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of success, you have to advertise your service in the most relevant places.
Print business cards and brochures and start leaving them in places where children are more likely to visit such as toy shops, kindergartens and places that sell candy, for example. Ask business owners is if you can put a sign on your door or give them a business card. Billboards pools are another good place, not only because parents take their children there, but because the schools also organize trips to these sites. And do not forget that the local newspaper will allow you to advertise for a small fee.

Go out and have fun

Once you've purchased or rented bouncy castle and you've announced, it's time to start recovering the money you've invested. One of the great advantages of these games is that they require very little maintenance, so you can afford to charge reasonably low prices for the use of attraction, whether you've rented like you've finally decided to contact a company bouncy castles for sale. Even for as low as one euro for fifteen minutes, soon you will see your money back to you in just a day or two if you do it right. And for as low as the parents are happy that their children climb the castle again and again. And like the best companies are started in a modest way and then become gold mines for their owners, diversification is where you get the best rewards. You can start with a simple castle and gradually reinvest the proceeds in other elements as larger castles or inflatables that you can rent elsewhere, as may be arcs goal, inflatable advertising and many other possibilities that have these elements . And if you prefer to keep your business in the children's entertainment, you can open your castle with a spot of sweets and soft drinks, because after jumping sure children are thirsty.

Goals leaflets air-filled

Thursday, 07 August 2014 08:23 Published in INFLATABLE STRUCTURES BLOG


Goals leaflets air-filled

I am absolutely convinced that you've ever seen a sporting event, especially a race that passes by a space normally used for traffic or pedestrian crossing, in which the signs that mark the kilometer milestones and output lines and goal were marked by large inflatable arches in which you could read a sentence or the mark of the sponsors of the event showed, right?

The advantages for the organizers of these events using meta inflatable arches and such signs are enough, and it is far more practical than fixed arches elements, especially when it comes to fit and remove everything that surrounds the race in the shortest time possible this is even more convenient.

Why inflatable arches

The goal of inflatable arches are recommended when a sporting event is organized in an urban area or in a place that is not a race so convenient it is to reach just hours before, place the arches in place to want to add and start them to swell. In just a few minutes and these milestones will be prepared to play its role.

In circuits that have been created in a specific way for racing, such as the case of the stadiums in which athletics or track speed for vehicles of any kind are organized, it is normal arches goal are made and installed permanently, as it is known at all times where the specific points at which the races will start and finish are, but when what is sought is to make a temporary street circuit, bring arches of this type to be installed on street requires transportation infrastructure and a total staff enjoyed it more expensive the project and may even do so unfeasible.

With the use of inflatable arches transportation needs are much lower, because as these facilities within which all there is air, the storage and the space they occupy in the drawer loading a truck is much lower, so you can have all the milestones and the start and finish lines stored in one place and enter a single medium-sized truck. They are deposited in each of the selected points the materials needed and goes a little further to bring the rest.

Once the event is over and you have to disassemble all signaling points, all you have to do is deflate the arches and re-folded to pick it up again in its storage position, something that can be done practically on the same day that he has organized the race and look that there has not been anything or anyone for a long time.

They are also much more colorful than normal arches, especially because they often have a little movement that does more dynamic, which makes them an ideal showcase for brands who want to sponsor the event in order to attract customers in the future. And it is relatively easy to place in one of these milestones in poster announcing the sponsors, rather than fixed arches in which as a rule have to hand paint brand that is expected to remain visible and in perfect condition for a long longer than a few days.

In addition, another advantage that arise when using these ethereal elements to indicate is that there are companies specializing in the rental of these, so if all you need is to have these in a timely fashion, either because you are going to organize a single career or want to try before making an investment to know if it works, you will not buy until you really need to see it. Many times you can save a lot of money renting things which need not be continuous use, requiring that all the time that are not used should be stored in a warehouse and review it regularly to make sure everything is in good condition, something that managers are responsible for rent if used.

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