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What are bouncy castles?

Thursday, 25 September 2014 08:47 Published in INFLATABLE STRUCTURES BLOG


What are bouncy castles?

Inflatable structures (also known as bouncy castles) are great cold air inflatables in which people, usually children, can come and bouncing off them. Have been marketed under immense variety of names: astrojump, moonwalk, bounce houses, Moon bounce or joyful jump in the United States, bouncy castle or inflatable castle in South America, Spain, United Kingdom and some parts of Australia, and jumping castles in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. They often have the shape of a castle but can be done in a variety of designs. The walls and the floor act as trampolines.

The original inflatable structure was designed in 1959 by John Scurlock while he was experimenting with pneumatic tires for tennis courts when he surprised his employees jumping on the canvas. He started a company to market the experience for children and named spacewalks, starting with an air mattress large. For sixty years it was decided to add the walls, and later have been adding other elements such as inflatable slides. The windows were made of solid transparent plastic and were attached as a bubble, a fan base while inflating another bubble inflated and circulate air does.

There is also data on inflatable structures were designed by university students in England around 1961 for a fundraising event.

The surfaces are typically composed of strong PVC or vinyl and nylon, and the castle is inflated using an electric or gas powered fan. The principle is one of constant leakage, meaning that in the case of small punctures occur no problem, but it means that the fans have to be pretty powerful. A medium sized bouncy castle requires a fan with a mechanical power of about two horsepower, which consumes about 2 kW of electricity.

The term "moonwalk" was developed as a generic term for inflatable trampolines closed in the United States, where they are normally supported on inflatable columns and protected by a network to allow air to pass through, which in turn allows adequate supervision by adults, who can see all sides of the draw. In these you can find other decorative elements that expand the game as the inflatable slides.

In the UK, Spain and Australia, among other countries, bouncy castles for sale have different specifications than the United States, and is required to have fully inflated walls on 3 sides with an open front and foam mats around the facility catch children who may fall out.

As a general rule rather than bouncy castles for sale these are rented more often for private events, school parties and festivals. Although they are aimed at children, you can also find models specifically created for adults to shame are removed and are encouraged to ride, but due to liability issues rarely rented to adults in the United States and other countries. They are often used to fight, jump and make noise. Some years ago a theater group Shakespeare tragedies represented within bouncy castles in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Hamlet in 2006, Macbeth in 2007).

The growing popularity of standard bouncy castles has led to an entertainment industry based on these elements which includes inflatable slides, obstacle courses, games and more. Inflatables are ideal for portable amusements because they are relatively easy to transport and store, without a large impact when fully inflated.


Some inflatables are designed to allow children to play inside and outside. In these you can find rings inflatable boxing, soccer goals in pool and basketball hoops to also play in the water and gladiator duels, in which players are placed on podiums that are in the middle of a pool and goal is to beat your opponent to make him fall.

You can also find inflatable elements racetracks such as quads and minibikes circuits where a perimeter marking the route while these elements are used as protectors in case of accidents or track outputs delimited.
The bouncy castles are very close to entertainment venues and on countless occasions, both owners and collectively.

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