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Tuesday, 06 August 2013 07:53

Second hand Inflatables


Second hand Inflatables and more

After several months of work finally release new sale section of inflatables and event-related products.
As always our commitment to support our customers by providing them with potential tools to meet your needs and help promote your business.
In this new site include the two main sections. On the one hand users can make offers to purchase products or segundamano used, Example: "buy inflatable resale in good condition". On the other hand inflatable can be sold secondhand. Example: "I sell second hand bouncy".
Today more and more customers operating on the Internet in the purchase and sale of entertainment and events, we offer this opportunity to channel their sale or purchase strategies.
The operation is very simple, register and edit your data, upload photos, videos and describes well your product you want to buy or you want to sell. A good description with photos and videos to the card more attractive and have more opportunities to achieve your goal.


Friday, 17 February 2012 14:32

Offer pack inflatable slides


We bring another economic package with 4 inflatable very striking to a factory direct price.

It consists of an inflatable 12-meter hurdles extreme competition for ages 6 years minimum. We continue with a large water slide inflatable slide Dino 6m in height to great feelings, his special ramp is to take a small jump, very funny, we continue with a jumping castle areas and obstacles for ages 4 years minimum concrete chute and apache Finally, the inflatable slide playroom for all ages, with ramp 3m, Drop Zone and VIP area for toddlers.

If you want to start in the business of the bouncy castles this pack is ideal as an investment or add value to your business, your customers will thank you.

We strive to present this set of inflatable at this price, we are aware of how the economy is right now and want to contribute what we can to help businesses.
For more information contact one of our professionals, see the availability of this product.

We welcome your comments.

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