Maintaining an inflatable life lengthens

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Mantenimiento de castillos hinchables Mantenimiento de castillos hinchables


Maintaining an inflatable life lengthens


Some of the most common questions from our customers is: how long is the life of a bouncy and maintenance have?

Well let's try to explain what to do and what not.
Like any inflatable structure can be punctured, for this reason avoid manipulation with sharp objects, avoid dragging or putting aggressive sites.

Saving multiple months or years

It is very important to keep the swelling completely dry in a place where there is no moisture, dust with industrial talc interesting.

The greatest enemy of PVC is produced by moisture hogo.
If the swelling gets wet by rain or other reasons, the next day if it's sunny, inflates your inflatable and leave a few hours, really like bubbles out of the seams, this is because the air goes along with the accumulated water and tends to evaporate, leave it all day until no bubbles come out.

Cleaning of inflatable castles

Cleaning the inflatable is basic, and you give good image and preserves hygiene.
To clean with damp cloth advise nontoxic degreaser, try not to do it with very rough scouring pads or cloths since eventually deterioras material.
Avoid scratching much where there drawings to not erase at the end leave the inflatable sun to finish drying.

Security patch for perfect operation

As a car is treated, you must check that everything is running smoothly, it is essential for safety. Check that nothing is broken, no loose stitching that all anchors are in perfect condition.
If you take good care of inflatable structure lengthen its life.
We welcome your comments and inquiries.

Last modified on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 11:17


  • Comment Link Toni Wednesday, 31 July 2013 10:34 posted by Toni

    Hola, lo que mejor nos va a nosotros es un desengrasante industrial concentrado, lo mezclas con agua y muy bien.

  • Comment Link Juan Antonio García Ruiz Saturday, 20 July 2013 17:25 posted by Juan Antonio García Ruiz

    Muy interesante pero ¿qué producto recomendáis para la limpieza?

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