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The magic of air

It may seem incredible, but the reality is that the castles and all kinds of inflatable elements are becoming a great way of getting noticed, as evidenced by the boom that is taking the manufacture, sale and hire bouncy castles Barcelona and many other cities, so we can even find the streets of our towns these attractions, either to celebrate a children's party or as part of the furniture available in bars, restaurants and venues such as hotels or farms.

More than just attractions

In addition to the bouncy castles, they are safely the few common elements can be found, there are many elements that can be found in inflatable version, such as tents, advertisements or sprints, which are to this day today in the form of inflatable Barcelona and installation much easier because it is not necessary to spend a number of hours and several operators to assemble and disassemble the shed. Today only need to place the bow on the points you want to make and start the engine to see how in a few minutes you have a sprint or any other kind of mileage milestone for sporting events, and if the event has finished, off the engine and in no time the installation is ready to be collected and stored, either to take it to another place the next day or when needed again.
It is also becoming important elements such parties as may be category prizes of all kinds, which are replicas of the trophies and placed inflatable Barcelona in the sides of the entrance for attendees to take pictures. You can even see some inflatable PhotoCool standing like a wall and the brands of the sponsors who want to have their space in the press photos that will stand the next day.
The market is expanding much inflatable possibilities and also the hire bouncy castles you can rent Barcelona today many other elements that have the same assembly process but very different uses, some of them simply decorative and other more useful such as tents or spaces in which you can organize events and once it's over do not need more than a day to collect it and store it in a much smaller than similar installations using materials other than rubber and air space with the walls of these habitats are filled.

The imagination, the limit

The possibilities for inflatables seem to have reached its limit, as evidenced by the amount of orders received in inflatables and workshops that test designers who strive to provide high quality products according to patterns of customers. It seems that anything you can think to do with this mounting system that has the force of air in its true secret, as well as all the good parts and connecting elements to prevent all falls apart by failure to maintain the structure.


One thing you should keep in mind to avoid any trouble, and we're talking about items that are extremely light and therefore a strong gust of wind could take them if they are not properly fixed to the ground. Therefore it requires a good planning to adjust at various points joints that allow the swellable question, whether it is an attractive or other elements, although obviously more important that they remain fixed in the ground with personnel in that if you move the inflatable can be damaged. Unfortunately there have been several news you have been injured as a result of poor fixation of these, either because you're out rolling on the floor with people within or even because they have raised some children inside, which have fallen from great heights and has become a serious life threatening.
It is important to take into account the advice of the manufacturer at the time to assemble and set all elements to avoid problems later.

Last modified on Tuesday, 08 July 2014 07:24

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